Sunday, July 12, 2015

Separated at Birth: 2 Videos That Include Several Genres of Dance

It's not all about setting here at "Separated at Birth." Sometimes, it's the central idea of a video that is repeated or happens to be similar to an older one. So it's a similarity in concept we're talking about today, with just two videos from the last ten years.

In 2007, KT Tunstall was somewhat successful with her track "Hold On." The video involves some kind of strange time machine that takes Tunstall through different moments in the evolution of dance, making her the center of each genre.

There are certain quirks to Tunstall's performance, including being seemingly confused about some of the dances and singing despite the dancing and genre changes.

Flash forward to last year, in which Taylor Swift released one of her many responses to haters with "Shake it Off."

It's interesting that the overall concept not only seems similar, but that something about the personality is comparable.

In reality, I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but it certainly seems like these two videos were separated at birth. Stay tuned for more musical artifacts that were separated at birth.

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