Thursday, August 7, 2014

State of the Music Address: August 2014

It's been a while since a we had a new post here at Nomorebloodfromaclone, so yet again, I'd like to bring you some tidbits that don't make up full articles on their own (and hopefully explain my absence over the last couple of months).

Aretha Franklin at the Ohio State Fair.
Photo by Tammy Sedam, via Rebeat
-I moved! I was considering buying a house and all of that business kept me pretty busy for a while, but as soon as I get a consistent internet connection, you can expect hopefully more-frequent updates here. 

-The radio program One-Mind Tracks is still alive and well, and the station should be streaming online soon, which will mean my audience here will finally be able to hear my radio show! In the meantime, the theme this week was "Winds of Change" and we discussed Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone." The recent and awesome interactive video can be found here.

-I've started writing for the online classic rock magazine Rebeat, so most of my classic rock articles will now probably be posted over that-a-way, such as a review of the Aretha Franklin show at the Ohio State Fair (pictured). It's there. There are also a lot of other writers more clever than me writing there too.

-Yes, I know I missed out on lots of recent albums, and I'm very sorry about that.

-102.5 Summerfest is Sunday, featuring acts like OK Go in Columbus, Ohio. Not too many shows in September though. What's up with that?

-Anyway, this time, when I say I should be posting more frequently, I mean it! Once my internet is hooked up, that is. Until then, please stay tuned!