Thursday, July 28, 2011

No Apologies: An Introduction

While at times, I may end up coming across as elitist or snobbish in my musical tastes, I would like to take this introductory post to let you all know that I will not be apologizing for my musical tastes: and I don't expect you to either.

Although I might make fun of or take jabs at groups I don't care for (or even the ones I do), my philosophy is summed up quite well by Ezra Koenig:

Although I usually prefer the heart and soul of more independent music, if it's manufactured mainstream pop that floats your boat, so be it. They're obviously doing something right. Now, this might not be the blog for you to follow, but at the very least, take away from this post the fact that you should never feel the need to apologize for your musical preferences. It's what reverberates in you that's important, not what I tell you you should like. Nor what anyone else says you should like.

And by the same token, I will not apologize for the fact that my favorite band is 60s bubblegum pop group The Monkees,

Nor for the fact that my second and third favorite bands are everyone's favorite band The Beatles and over-hyped "indie" band Death Cab For Cutie.

The title of this blog will hopefully prove to be fairly relevant to the content. "Blood From a Clone" is a song by George Harrison from his 1981 album Somewhere in England, expressing his annoyance at the music industry of the time and the Warner Records label.

Methinks Harrison would have been pleased at the current "indie" record label business model.

And that's a good indicator of how I feel music should be: not dictated by some higher management with the money to cater to the masses, but done however the artists want to do it.

So I hope you enjoy this little blog. I will update when I think of something to say, which could be often or seldom, I have no idea yet.