Thursday, April 9, 2015

One-Mind Tracks: Songs of Positivity

It's been a while since the last "One-Mind Tracks" here on No More Blood From a Clone. But the journey continues each week on 97.5 WDIF here in Marion, Ohio and streaming online. Since not everyone can clear the 7 o'clock hour on Thursday necessary to hear the show, here's a throwback to the original days of "One-Mind Tracks."

This week, we're featuring songs with some positive messages and attitudes.

Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
One of my favorite Queen songs, this track is full of positive energy, even if it does seem to wind down in a somewhat melancholic manner toward the end.

I Can See Clearly Now By Johnny Nash
It's hard not to think of this song in a positive light, since not only is it about the rain stopping (usually a metaphor for coming out of depression), but it's ingrained into my childhood. Jimmy Cliff covered it for Cool Runnings, a Neil Finn cover was used in Antz, and even the three blind mice sung it in the Shrek: Far Far Away Idol bonus feature. Incidentally, that terrible joke about the three blind mice isn't as bad when you realize the Neil Finn cover was originally recorded to benefit an organization that treats blindness.

Hold on Tight by Electric Light Orchestra
Soon to be featured in an advice playlist also, "Hold on Tight" encourages us to never let go of our dreams. And that's a darned empowering message.

Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac
There are too many negative break-up songs, and a few of them can be found as fellow songs on Rumours. But not this one, in which Christine McVie says goodbye to her eight-year marriage with a smile on her face and only thoughts for the future. Bill Clinton used this as his campaign song multiple times, and even convinced the group to reform at his 1993 inaugural ball to perform it.

Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin
The first acapella song ever to reach #1 on the Billboard charts is this easy-going message of positivity. But speaking of what I just mentioned with Fleetwood Mac, and what I've discussed in the past, this song has also been used in a political campaign. It was a slightly less harmonious marriage than the Clinton/Mac one however, when George H. W. Bush decided to use this as his campaign song in 1988. Bobby McFerrin publicly protested the use of "Don't Worry Be Happy," saying that he was going to vote against Bush, and even discontinuing performance of the song to be clear about where he stood on the topic.

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield
This song has always reminded me of the very end of the third Back to the Future movie. Aside from that though, and even though it was the most played song in the U.S. in 2006, I love the positive message of "Unwritten." I hope it doesn't end up lost in the entrails of time eventually.

I Am Woman by Helen Reddy
What's more empowering than the track that became the theme song for the woman's movement? Helen Reddy felt there was a need for an empowering song for women and so she decided to start writing "I Am Woman." It was the first song by an Australian artist to hit #1 in America, and the first song written in Australia to win a Grammy.

Everything is AWESOME!!! by Tegan and Sara (Featuring The Lonely Island)
This collaboration between Tegan and Sara, The Lonely Island, and Mark Mothersbaugh bleeds positivity.

Carry On by fun.
My favorite track off of fun.'s sophomore album Some Nights is about strength against adversity. "Carry On" is a power ballad and pop tune that can't be left off this list.

Tubthumping by Chumbawamba
The oft-considered annoying "Tubthumping" drives the point of positivity home. A "tubthumper" is someone who jumps on the bandwagon, and really the song is a political message. But at face value, this song couldn't make me happier.

We Are the Champions by Queen
The be-it end-all of songs about winning, "We Are the Champions" is the champion of positivity songs. It's also the b-side to "We Will Rock You" so...heck yeah!

Find these songs and more on the playlist below:

What song gets you feeling great? I'd love to hear!

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