Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One-Mind Tracks: Sinners

Here are a collection of songs about knowing you're a bad guy.

Highway to Hell by AC/DC
Since they're the quintessential "bad guy" band, it was tough to limit myself to a couple for AC/DC, but since this one is Hell-centric, it was an easy choice.

Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood
Another easy choice. This one seriously makes me feel like a cool, bad guy. And I'm a girl.

I'm Going to Hell by The Long Blondes
This was one of the songs that inspired the whole playlist. The Long Blondes have a few songs about questionable morals, and their lyrics are always pretty clever.

Bad by Michael Jackson
Is it cheating when the title makes the choice this obvious? Too bad. And does everyone these days realize that the video for this song was directed by Martin Scorsese? It also featured a younger Wesley Snipes. Originally planned as a duet between Michael Jackson and Prince, this song was actually based on a true story of a kid from the streets who tried to make something of himself by going away to school. When he returned home on a Thanksgiving break, his jealous friends ended up killing him.

Troublemaker by Weezer
Yes, Rivers Cuomo, you're such a troublemaker! Influenced by Eminem, this is the fictional account of a self-proclaimed troublemaker's rise to fame. Interestingly though, there's still an underlying isolation such as in the line "I'll party by myself because I'm such a special guy."

T.N.T. by AC/DC
Another AC/DC so soon! An explosive ladykiller who is ready to kill you with his bare hands.

Who Do You Love? by George Thorogood and the Destroyers
George Thorogood is really great at recreating that same song over and over, but that one song is pretty okay, so here's another one about how "bad" he is.

Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel
A songwriter sometimes tells stories, and this Billy Joel tale about a bad boy trying to convince a Catholic girl to go all the way is certainly an example. But this one sure did alienate a lot of Joel's Catholic fans, and caused many people to try to get it removed from radio playlists.

Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield
Turned down by Aretha Franklin, and later recorded by her older sister Erma Franklin, this was a big hit for Dusty Springfield. Aretha Franklin, a preacher's daughter, turned the song down originally because she thought it was disrespectful, but after hearing Springfield's version, she ended up recording her own version a couple of years later.

Missionary Man by The Eurythmics
Dave Stewart wanted to create more of an arena rock song, so they jazzed up this Annie Lennox poem and voilĂ !

Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend
Some of the religious imagery in Modern Vampires of the City went slightly over my head, but this one is apparently about how everyone is an "unbeliever" to someone else, seeing as everyone believes something slightly different.

Bad Reputation by Joan Jett
Another song that always makes me feel tough. This one sprung from the fact that no record labels wanted to sign Joan Jett because of her bad reputation.

You Know I'm No Good by Amy Winehouse
The golden days of Mark Ronson drums and brass are over, but this soulful track by the late Amy Winehouse recounts the tale of a serial cheater in her own words.

Creator by Sanogold
The highly under-rated Santogold rap/sings of her unrelenting power.

What's your favorite "bad guy" song? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Well I said Sinner by Neil Finn, but you wouldn't use it....

  2. I Feel Evil Creeping In by Islands! Makes me feel like a badass. Also Almost Human by Voltaire. It's from the POV of Satan and makes you feel sorry for him. Reminds me of Paradise Lost.

    1. Definitely like the Islands one. "Almost Human" sounds like a musical written by Morrissey. Like seriously.