Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've Got This Covered: She & Him: Volume One

What would it be like if 60s artists were able to cover She & Him's Volume One? I think it would go something like this...

1) Sentimental Heart - Leslie Gore
The teen singer was always singing openly about her emotions. The clarity and tone of her voice are a great starter for the cover album, seeing as her voice is a near perfect match for that of Zooey Deschanel.
2) Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? - Nancy Sinatra
Although this is a little more upbeat than most of Sinatra's songs, I think her voice would suit it well. The abundance of tambourines is also reminiscent of "These Boots Are Made For Walking."

3) This is Not a Test - Bobbie Gentry
Although the guitar intro to this song reminds me more of George Harrison circa All Things Must Pass, I think the country-rock feel of the song along with the vaguely throaty vocals would be well suited to Gentry. Gentry's song "Seasons Come and Seasons Go" happens to feature a bass line similar to the keyboard part in "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" 

4) Change is Hard - Joan Baez
The tempo of "Change is Hard" along with the fact that it relies entirely on an acoustic guitar and vocals make it a perfect match for Baez.

5) I Thought I Saw Your Face Today - Marianne Faithfull
Faithfull has vocal clarity and talent for singing a sad song that "I Thought I Saw Your Face Today" can't survive without. 

6) Take It Back - Lulu
The strings in "Take It Back" are almost lifted straight from "To Sir With Love." Lulu would lend the entire song an intense power.

7) I Was Made For You - The Chiffons
I was originally trying to stick with female 60s solo artists, but several songs on Volume One really need to be covered by girl groups. "I Was Made For You" features female backing vocals reminiscent of 60s girl groups like The Chiffons. The range of the song suits The Chiffons better than other groups and there's a slight "wall of sound" quality to "I Was Made For You" that could be exaggerated in The Chiffons' cover.

8) You Really Got a Hold on Me - Mama Cass Elliot
It amazes me that Cass never seems to have covered this Smokey Robinson song in the first place,but it would be great to hear her sing it in the vain of "Dream a Little Dream of Me."

9) Black Hole -The Ronettes
I feel like this song needs "wall-of-sound." I can just hear Ronnie Spector wailing out the vocals with the rest of The Ronettes performing the required backing vocals.

10) Got Me - Dolly Parton
Parton's sweet voice and 60s country sound are the only things that would do a cover of this song justice.

11) I Should Have Known Better - Johnny Cash and June Carter
For this cover of the Lennon/McCartney masterpiece, I wanted a male and female country duo who could carry the country/Hawaiian elements She & Him added into their cover version. Who better than Cash and Carter?

12) Sweet Darlin' - The Crystals
To close the album, we have yet another 60s girl group brought to you by Phil Spector. The key is great for The Crystals and the song already seems to feature the "wall of sound."

That's how I think it should go down. Questions? Better ideas? Drop me a comment. Or if you're a time traveler that has magical powers over artists, feel free to make this happen. 


  1. Now I'm really upset that Johnny and June never covered "I Should Have Known Better".

  2. I can totally see Leslie Gore singing Sentimental Heart. I can hear it in my head. I now wish she had actually done it.