Saturday, January 14, 2012

Concert Review: Peter Noone in Marion, Ohio

I don't hold classic pop concerts to the same standards I hold modern concerts to. Nothing is going to sound the same as it did forty years ago, even if the audience of primarily 50-60+ patrons had the same kind of energy that they did in the hey-day.

That being said, Peter Noone always puts on an energetic, entertaining show. He doesn't seem his full age in appearance or in the way he moves around physically. The show started off with "I'm Into Something Good," a song modern audiences may have heard covered by The Bird and the Bee for the film Valentine's Day. Personally, I remember listening to the Hermits' version while I cleaned my room as a kid, as well as thinking of it as a constant mantra the day after I met my boyfriend. Things like that give you a much more invested experience at a concert. 

They rolled through a couple more Hermits tunes before Peter Noone began to chat to the audience in the manner I had expected from the last show I went to. After a little talking, the audience seemed much more revved up for the show. I've noticed at several concerts that sometimes it just takes a little push by the artist to get the audience to feel connected. The show continued with a few covers and piss-takes, including an amusing mockery of Davy Jones. Forty-five minutes in, they broke for a short intermission, which I found slightly unusual, but not insane.

After the intermission, Noone and the band returned for the bigger hits of the Hermits' repertoire. The crowd was surprisingly good at singing along and knowing all the lyrics. Peter Noone stayed after the show to sign autographs.

All in all, I've been to better shows by 60s artists, including the first Peter Noone show I went to. I'm not sure he can be blamed for this entirely though, as I think my seating arrangement was not the most conducive to the sound. However, it was a good, fun show. Noone's sense of humor and energy made the show worth seeing no matter how hollow I feel some of the songs sounded. And it was great to hear the old tunes again. They're always catchy and fun. The 60s were a great time for music, and even I sometimes forget that when I don't have enough reminders such as this show.

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